What is in your e-liquid?

Many e-cig users have tried and tested various e-liquids for their e-cig. Most have found the best e-liquid for them comes from pre mixed solutions, while others prefer to create their own recipe and mixture. Any e-liquid can be the best e-liquid for different users. Some may prefer a sweeter blend, while other may prefer a more natural taste. But many users are not aware of what is in their e-liquids. Before choosing the best e liquid for, one should be aware of what each ingredient contains. This is not only for their satisfaction, but also for their health.

best e liquidPropylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are an important aspect of this solution. Both are so called the simulators of the e-cig. Without these two ingredients, the solution is nothing. Most solutions have both PG and VG, but some solutions may have either of the two. The two have different characteristics. Propylene Glycol is usually used as a food additive, an ingredient in skin care products and used for smoke machines in theaters. Vegetable Glycerin, on the other hand, comes from plant oils and is used as a sugar additive. Unlike PG, VG is 100% natural. Some users may be allergic to e-liquids with a PG base. When this is the situation, users would use VG or mix both ingredients to create a perfect combination. When combined, it creates a solution with the right amount of ‘throat hit’, which is the feeling of nicotine at the back of the throat, and more vapor. This is because PG produces more ‘throat hit’ while VG produces more vapor. When mixed together it is all balanced out.

Another essential part of the solution is the nicotine. Nicotine is an alkaloid which is produced by several plants like red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and the tobacco plant. Nicotine is very addictive but does not cause cancer. Nicotine levels in e-liquids vary depending on the users’ usage. A solution may contain up to 34% nicotine. The longer the user uses the e-cig, the lower the level of nicotine intake he will consume until he uses nicotine free e-liquid. Users who were regular cigarettes smokers would change to e-cigs if they want to quit smoking, or decrease their nicotine intake.

The last two parts of the solution is the water, which may be optional, and flavors. Water is usually used in VG based solutions to lessen the tackiness of the solution. VG is a very sticky base. Water is used to dilute the solution to make it easier to use by the user. VG based solutions may cause gunk to build up around the coils. This will create inconvenience to the user. Not only will it be hard to clean his e-cig, but it will also take time for them before using the e-cig. Flavors of the e-liquid have a huge variety. Some are sweet, others are spicy. There are also natural flavored liquids like tobacco and mint. Some flavors are mixed and match to create another flavor. Since PG is tasteless and VG is just sweet, flavors are added to satisfy the taste of its users. Flavors may take up 5 to 20 percent of the solution depending on the user.

Choosing the best e liquid requires more than just choosing from the taste. What makes the solution is also an essential part. By knowing what is in the solution may increase the satisfaction rate of users. Most e-liquids have the same solution. Knowing the right solution is very essential in choosing the best e-liquid. It will be a safer, healthier and more enjoyable to the users.

Risk Factors of Using SEO Services

Hiring people to work for you is always risky. Whether you have a small business, or you are looking to have someone come to your home and implement fixes, changes, or even renovations to the house. You are going to find that there are certain risk factors that are involved with calling anyone to help you move forward with the world of technology as well as other industries. For instance, hiring a plumber runs the risk of having an incompetent worker show up and ruin your home’s plumbing. Aside from that, you will find that there are certain risk factors that are involved with using SEO services as they are presented today.

SEOAt first glance, you may find that the companies and professionals that work within this category are trustworthy. They may come across as such, but make sure that you fully understand that many are just using clever marketing tactics to make sure that you trust them. There are plenty of horror stories from people that have been searching for SEO services and ended up getting lackluster results or no results from their investments. It’s for this issue that you should look into finding ways to gain benefits from services instead of dealing with risky elements, implementation, and more.

You may not be aware of this, but there are a lot of tactics that are promising, but they don’t necessarily work. SEO lends itself to a lot of myths and those things can end up crashing your website’s marketing reach and in some cases could completely kill what you’re trying to get across online. If you’re not keen on getting ripped off, then make sure that you look into services that are 100% honest, and will only utilize what is known as “white hat” techniques. Aside from hiring the right company, make sure that you weigh out risk factors that you may run into when it comes to search engine optimization service providers that you’ll run into on the web today.

The Risk of No Returns

No matter how you decide to move forward with internet marketing, you are going to end up finding out that search engine optimization strategies take a lot of time to implement. Even if you do everything correctly, and even if you were to chase the right pieces, you will find that the returns are not immediate. This is not the same kind of transaction as buying something online or in stores. When you purchase items in stores, you get to take those things home that day. That is not the case when spending money on SEO services. In fact, you may find that the biggest risk is that you will not get anything in return for your money. This happens a lot with things like backlink generation. You may get the intangible links, a list of sites where your page is getting referenced, but if that doesn’t provide traffic, then what is the purpose of it all?

Risking no returns is what everyone really does when they hire a marketing professional to help them. Hiring an expert in the field of search engine optimization is a good idea, but you will find that it’s not cut and dry as to how fast you will get results. You could do everything right, and you could implement a wide variety of solutions, but you will not be able to gain leverage if it’s done in the wrong manner. That’s something that is evidenced time and time again in these modern times.

The Risk of Black Hat Techniques

When you hire someone to work on your home, or with technology, you assume that they are going to work within the boundaries of protocol that is right on par with the modern techniques used. However, there are some techniques that are nothing more than duct tape options. In the digital world, shortcuts may be seen as black hat. This is a type of work that is unethical, somewhat illegal, and will completely ruin your reputation on the web. However, when in the hands of a marketing provider, it is in a grey area that could be written in a very nuanced way. You may not read it in the same manner or you may be left out in the dark as to how someone is going to work within the realms of internet marketing protocol.

It’s for that reason that some people end up getting a lackluster result to their services, and in some cases will be worse off than when they didn’t have any sort of strategy in place. There are some sites that will even get such harsh penalties from search engines that they will plummet from traffic, rankings, and results within the internet world. Imagine your site getting ignored completely from search results, and that’s about how bad things can get in this regards.

The Risk of Overspending

One of the hardest risks to swallow is that of overspending. Spending too much on these services can really be difficult, but that’s the problem with an intangible solution for your website. The fact that you have to deal with intangible solutions, and hope that the company you hire is good, is one thing that is hard to shake. It’s for that purpose that you should take your time, and focus on finding SEO services that are in your budget and are not going to cause you too much frustration.

The Secret behind Being an Excellent Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker is someone who helps people envisions their road to success. The speaker prepares some presentations and a speech about a particular topic that can motivate other people. Not all speakers are able to motivate their audience effectively. If you are one of those speakers, then try to read the following steps on how to become an excellent motivational speaker.

Step 1: Figure out your audience and the suitable message that you must impart to them.

• Know who will be your audience.

The first thing you need to know before you make your speech is to whom you will impart your speech. Different types of people need a specific way of communication. If your audience is still young, then your approach must be inclined to the listeners’ age. If they are already professionals, then you must speak of your experience that is very challenging.

Motivatinal Speaker• Pick one topic that you want to discuss.

The most common topics are things about becoming successful, delighted, fulfilled, and passionate in your career. A motivational speaker can discuss about any topic, but it must be able to inspire people to do their best. The topic you must choose is something that you really love so that you can share more thoughts about it.

• Make your message pertinent and recent.

People will be more engaged in listening to your speech if they can relate to your topic. If you tell them about old news and invented stories, then they might get bored. To keep them attentive, you must include a topic that will catch their attention.

• Improve your expertise.

If you are letting someone to believe in what you are saying, then you must know your topic very well. The audience will think that you know a lot of things about your topic. They can even ask you about it. You must research, read, and study your topic before you speak in front of them.

Step 2: Be a great public speaker.

• You must undergo public speaking classes.

There are a lot of trainings being offered for public speaking. To be a good public speaker, you need to practice speaking in front of many people.

• Record your speech.

This will help you criticize your public speaking skills. By doing this, you can see your flaws and improve it.

• Improve your writing skills.

Most of the well-known speakers are also good in writing. You can improve this by writing in a blog, doing articles, and other stuff related to writing.

• Create a presentation.

One way to keep your listeners attentive is by providing a PowerPoint presentation.

Step 3: Let others recognize you as a motivational speaker.

• Find a good setting.

You must maintain a positive impression among your audience. Having a good place to conduct your speech can also influence their first impression of you. Also, you must consider the number of people that will attend the event.

• Make a marketing strategy and plan.

You must create an advertisement about your motivational speeches. At first, the event you will organize must be free. As you build up the trust of the people, you can sell tickets at a cheap price.

• Let them express their feedback.

This is to let you know about the things you must still improve. As for the positive comments, you can post it on your official website. This can prove to other people that you are a great speaker.

• Offer your service to upcoming conventions, seminars, and conferences.

If you do this, then you can gain a lot of people’s trust. And in the future, you could organize your own event.

Fireproof Safes for Your Office

Fireproof safes are secure storage fireproof safesequipment for the office. Imagine how much damage a fire can cost a company. Many organizations today have started investing in fire prevention systems.  They have installed sprinklers, made emergency exits, and installed fire hoses and alarms. Unfortunately, these don’t guarantee the office’s protection from the possibility of a fire. Once a fire gets out of control it causes big damage. Your office’s important documents will be set ablaze instantly. Your media storage devices may melt. Your back-up files are gone for good.

Offices have a lot of assets that can be totally lost when a fire occurs. They have documents, reports, hard drives, CDs, cash, and even old records that are very valuable to the business’ standing. To protect these valuables, it is important to know the best fireproof safes to invest in.

Protecting your company’s assets

When a fire occurs, documents are the first to be destroyed. Protecting these is your priority. You need to make sure they are kept safely especially since these can save your company from bankruptcy and can help in rebuilding it.

Fireproof safes come in different sizes and styles. These are sometimes made to specific items.

When you are searching for a safe, you need to make a list of items that need its protection. You can purchase safes depending on their tolerance ability when subjected to different heat temperatures. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has been rating safes according to how long they can withstand the fire and even their durability from a 30 feet drop. While a fireproof safe may be subjected to a high temperature, its inside is kept cool. This is due to its insulating material sandwiched on two metal plates.

A safe’s wall can be one-inch to one and half inch thick. The insulator can be made up of concrete, asbestos, or ceramic fiber, which is layered to make the walls and door. This provides the protection from fire and maintains the temperature within the safe.

Items you can store in your safes can be optical drives, hard drives, CR-ROMs, VCRs, iPods, and even video footages of your security cameras. In certain cases, company owners purchase more than one safe to protect their documents. These act as filing cabinets with their shelves and compartments.

How to select the right safe

With fireproof safes available in varieties, choosing one can be confusing. Here are factors you can consider to help you shop for the best fireproof safe:


Is your office located near a fire department? If not, can they reach your area within 30 minutes? If the answer is no, it is best to invest on a safe that can withstand the heat longer. Paper can burn when temperature reaches 400 degrees, and the safe’s inner part can only maintain its 350 degrees maximum temperature for a limited time – the longest is 4 hours.

Your Items

What are you going to store in your safes? Like what was mentioned earlier, you need to list down the items you are going to keep inside the safe. If you can, you may buy more than one safe. Select a safe with the right size and style for storage. In case you can only afford one fireproof safe for now, then it is best to determine your priority valuables that need safekeeping.

Other threats

Fire is not the only thing you need to protect your valuables from. You should also consider water, dust, and humidity. These can damage your files, especially data media storage devices. Imagine if your sprinklers suddenly gushed out water, your safe should be tightly shut to prevent water from entering it and damaging the content.

Other threats also include untrustworthy employees. They can steal documents or tamper with media storage devices. They may even leak out company secrets that may be used by competition. You can never tell whom to trust. It is best to keep original copies out of their reach.

If you own a business, fireproof safes are the best investment you can have. These are your added security in keeping your assets safe. You never know if a fire can occur. Before you face such threat, it is best to keep everything secure.

Facts about Enobosarm

Enobosarm, known widely as Ostarine, is a new drug classified under the SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) group alongside anabolic steroids and pro hormones. However, enobosarm is a unique SARM, as it produces the same benefits of other SARMs while negating the known side effects observed on these.

Below are some of the facts you should know about enobosarm and how it weighs against other SARMs:

• Enobosarm improves muscle mass just like other SARMs.

EnobosarmJust like steroids, it improves muscle mass and promotes muscle development without having to deal with negative side effects. Male athletes benefit greatly from this, as they can improve their overall strength, therefore bettering their performance on sports. Aging male athletes too can take advantage of these benefits. This makes enobosarm a more viable replacement for other SARMs.

• Enobosarm helps in cutting down body fat.

If you want to lose weight and at the same time develop your muscle mass (also known as “recomping”), this drug is your best friend. It helps in reducing your calorie intake while increasing your testosterone and metabolism levels, which helps in losing weight. Within 4-6 weeks time, you will notice a huge difference in your weight and muscle mass without the side effects present on other SARMs.

• Enobosarm improves endurance.

Like other SARMs, it helps in improving your endurance, both aerobic and anaerobic. This can greatly help male athletes especially those who are competing in sports such as American football, basketball, and baseball.

• Enobosarm lets you keep your gains.

Unlike steroids, using enobosarm lets you keep the muscle mass you have gained while taking it. This is not true with certain SARMs, as you will only get them temporarily and once you stop taking them, you will experience muscle loss resulting to a drastic decrease in overall energy and performance.

• Enobosarm prevents injuries from worsening.

A little-known benefit of this drug is its capability of treating small injuries and preventing them from getting worse. Recent studies show that it helps in developing and repairing damaged skeletal muscle tissues, which can be a benefit for people suffering from muscle wasting symptoms. Studies also show that it helps in mending bone damages, which means that the drug may be a feasible option to treat osteoporosis and other bone diseases in the future. This is one feat that other SARMs cannot do!

• Enobosarm may help in treating cancer symptoms.

One of the most common symptoms present on certain types of cancer is muscle wasting. As enobosarm is designed to treat muscle problems, it can help in alleviating muscle pains and treat muscle wasting symptoms. Regularly taking the drug (with the help of a medical professional) can help cancer patients be more active and more energetic, which is a positive thing to do when facing life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

• Harmful side effects will not be had by users of enobosarm.

Regular use of SARMs such as anabolic steroids and pro hormones may produce undesirable side effects such as impotency and infertility. Prolonged use may even lead to muscle wasting and heart problems, which can prove to be a life-threatening side effect. Users of enobosarm need not be afraid of these side effects as it is clinically tested to be safe and free from harmful side effects like these.

Reading the facts above shows that enobosarm is indeed a more viable, and healthy, replacement for other SARMs. Not only does it give you many health benefits and advantages, it also keeps you out from the side effects you may experience from taking other SARMs.
Before you decide to take enobosarms, make sure that you consult a medical professional first. They can help determine whether it is safe for you to take enobosarms. They can also help you in making sure that you take the safe dosages in order for you to gain the best possible benefits from this drug.

Finding and Buying the Perfect Golf Bag

Your trusted golf bag has been with you for years, witnessing your first game, hearing you gloat about that hole in one, and seeing you snag that client by winning or losing the game. But, the wear and tear in your golf bag is telling you that it is finally time to replace your trustworthy partner with a new one.

Golf bags are a golfer’s ultimate best friend (aside from the golf clubs, of course) and finding the perfect one is not only important, but it can be very hard as well. They will be with you for several years, so make sure that you pick the right one.

Golfers know that when choosing the perfect bag, it is important to consider two things: price and quality.

golf bagsMost professionals have sponsors that can give them all of the equipment they want and need, but for everyone else, we have to submit to a higher power: a budget. Just how much money you can spend on golf bags is entirely up to you, but you should also consider your level of game play. Beginners should mostly go for bags that are on the lower end, while hobbyists can opt for a more high-end brand. At the end of the day, your budget should be dictated by your purchasing power, within reason. Just because golf is an expensive sport, doesn’t mean you have to burn your wallet even more.

Affordable golf bags don’t necessarily mean that you’ll save more, though. Most bags nowadays are made with synthetic fabric which helps keep them light, but the craftsmanship of the bag is usually what makes the difference.

Utility is another thing to consider when deciding if a golf bag will suit your needs; you want to be sure that your bag will be able to hold all the equipment you need and more. Make sure that the number and type of compartments is to your liking as well.

A golf bag, in context, can be affordable, but it is by no means cheap in the normal sense of the word. This makes every dollar you spend on it that much more valuable. Sacrificing a few extra dollars to make sure that you won’t ever need to buy a new one again might be worth it. You’ll save yourself the trouble of regretting that time you skimped on a golf bag, when you’re on your way to buy a new one again.

Most people think that the ultimate trade off for price is quality, but that should not always be the case. Look for a brand that is trusted by a lot of people. The internet is a goldmine for reviews which will help you learn a lot about the golf bag you are considering. Most reviews include the pros and cons of the product, and some sites even compare golf bags.

With the advent of e-Commerce, and the rise of online shops like eBay and Amazon, buying from the internet can be tempting, but for things that require comfort and frequent use, it might still be best to buy it in person. There are some considerations to be looked at that can only be done in person. Some golf bags might be too heavy for you, or too wide, or too large. Make sure to buy something that will not add to the discomfort of lugging around several golf clubs.

A question worth asking about comfort is this: will you carry your bag, use a pull cart, or take a riding cart. Your answer to this question can greatly affect your golf bag of choice. Obviously, if you answer number one, you would have to choose mobility over utility.

Finding the perfect bag can be hard, but it can be equally rewarding. While your choice of bag will not win you games, picking the right one will help you have a golfing experience that you will enjoy.

I have stand bags, cart bags, golf bags and travel bags but that’s not what you’ll find in this part of The Cave.

Can you Find a Competent Criminal Defense Attorney Salt Lake City?

Criminal cases can be very complicated and the one thing you need the most is a competent lawyer to represent your legal matter. The good thing is that, it is possible to find the best criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City. The process is straightforward but there is only one thing you need to know. Local attorneys offer the best representation so stick to lawyers who understand every detail about the legal blueprint in Salt Lake City.

criminal defense attorneyThe first place to search for reputable criminal defense attorneys is from the people you know. Referrals are always great since a good lawyer will be recommended by other people. Consider talking to your neighbors, colleagues and even your general lawyer to get some names of people you can consider to represent your criminal case. Make sure you focus on a criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City rather than a general lawyer so that you benefit from experience and knowledge in this area of law.

Look for other reputable law firms online and find out if they can also offer you quality legal representation. Conduct assessments of all the lawyers you have come across or have been recommended to, before hiring. Assessing every criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City is important as it helps you to gain confidence in the kind of service this professional is going to offer you. Go through the track record to find out if the lawyer has been handling criminal cases. In fact, ask the attorney when he last handled a criminal case. If it is more than a year, then look for an attorney who is more active, constantly handling criminal cases in the local courts.

Criminal cases, like any other, should be handled with a lot of loyalty and confidentiality. This is what every attorney must offer clients. The criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City should be ethical and professional so that you are certain that your case will not be the topic of discussion when the attorney is out of court.

Most importantly, your criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City should give you fair legal fees depending on the nature of your case. There are some fees which may be standard but law firms usually charge different legal fees depending on the nature of your case. Find out about the legal fees and have an agreement in writing to prevent any misunderstanding in the future.

How to Operate an Efficient Live Chat Service

In order to establish a well-functioning live chat service, an online website would need more than a good live chat program.

In fact, there are numerous live chat programs online that businesses could choose from for this web tool, most of which have good features for a reasonable price. Many developers also offer free trials for their service to prove the quality of their live chat product.

Delivering an efficient live chat service may depend on the kind of chat agents a company will hire. Here are the characteristics that every chat operator must have for a competent live chat line.

Background knowledge

Every chat agent must have an impeccable knowledge of the website domain as well as the products of the company. They must also have an actual training on how live chat service works, so that they would not need to be supervised perpetually.

Live chat does not only concern answering client concerns and queries. It is also about selling the company and expanding the market for its products. As such, chat agents should know the latest updates regarding the products and services being offered by the company and include these in their standard chat spiels and dialogues.

Good language command

Whatever language the website uses, the chat operator needs to have excellent communication skills. As a text-based tool, a live chat service requires seamless communication, and frequent grammatical or spelling errors might distract clients from the purpose of the chat session.

As such, chat operators must undergo rigorous language tests before they are hired. It’s not a minimal requirement—it should be a top consideration in choosing a good chat agent.


A live chat service should be actively engaging to potential clients. The best way to earn a client’s trust is to have a chat operator who knows how to talk with clients and deliver prompt responses to their questions.

A ready wit and the ability to establish rapport with the clients can help build their trust at the competence of the company.

They represent the business

A final reminder in selecting chat operators: they are the face of the business they represent. They are the first line of contact for most online clients and would-be clients, and the chat service experience might be the basis of the business’s online reputation.

Chat operators reflect the company they work for. As such, it is imperative that each retailer choose only the best people to handle this important job—and make sure that they get the adequate training they need.

Live chat software can be used to this end. Chat session logs and other statistical data may be used as training modules for future chat operators in order to improve the live chat service of the company.

What You Can Do With Solo 401K Plans

If you are a small business owner and are yet to take advantage of a solo 401k plan, you are missing out on a great opportunity to maximize your savings. For many business owners, solo 401k Plans are one of the best investment opportunities. These accounts allow you to save up some money for your retirement and ensure you and your family a secure future whether your business continues to run or not.

If you are still uncertain of whether or not to invest in solo 401k Plans, you may find the following factors interesting.

1. Solo 401k plans allow you to save for your retirement. These plans have a higher contribution limit compared to other 401K plans. They allow you to contribute up to $16 500 annually. This limit can be increased to up to $50 000 when you are 50 years and older. Self employed individuals therefore have an opportunity to save much more.

2. If you want to save even much more, all you have to do is to include your spouse in the plan. The law allows your spouse to contribute to the plan. Your spouse will also be subject to the same limitations as you are. They can therefore contribute up to $16 500 annually and may increase this contribution to up to $50 000 annually when they turn 50.

3. Solo 401K plans can also assist you to save a lot of money in tax. This is because the amount you contribute to the account is deducted from your income prior to taxation. The account allows you to contribute a greater amount when you have had greater profit and a smaller amount when you have not experienced a significant profit. You can therefore choose to contribute a larger amount and therefore be taxed less on your income.

4. You will also find that you will have access to tax free loans by taking advantage of solo 401k plans. These plans allow you to borrow up to $50 000 as a loan or up to half of your total savings in your account depending on what is less.

Learning more about the conditions, rules and regulations governing your account will help you better understand your account. You will therefore be able to take full advantage of your account to maximize your savings and provide yourself with a comfortable sum for retirement.

Handy Tips for Modern Patio Furniture

Over the years, balconies, patios and even gardens to some degree have all become extensions of the modern day house. As such, more and more homeowners are paying attention to the type of furniture that they choose to create living spaces in these areas. It is no longer a matter of haphazardly putting together mismatching pieces of furniture to have some seating space. More thought needs to go into the process so as to ensure the living space you are creating is not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable. There are a number of tips that can come in handy when electing modern patio furniture.

1. Consider the style of your home. As aforementioned, these outdoor living spaces are now considered extensions of the home. As such, you should put into consideration the main theme of your home so that the modern patio furniture can match it in style. Whether your home has a classical feel or is vintage, you can rest assured that you will find furniture pieces that are right up the same alley. Having matching styles both outdoors and indoors goes a long way in maintaining the standard of décor in your home as there will be some continuity both indoors as well as outdoors.

2. Consider the space that you have available on your patio. When it comes to modern patio furniture, you will find a myriad of options to choose from. If you go out to buy this furniture without having considering what would be best suited for you, you could end up finding the process overwhelming as well as daunting. A good place to start when determining what you would need would be by assessing the space that is available to you. This will give you the chances to not only establish the number of pieces that your patio would require, but also the size of the different pieces of furniture.

3. Consider the purpose for the modern patio furniture. As aforementioned, there are numerous pieces of furniture to choose from when looking to create a living space on your patio. With that in mind, it is always advisable to have an idea of what would be the main purpose for your furniture. For instance, if you would be creating the space for entertaining guests, you may have to consider bar sets and similar type of furniture that would be able to accommodate a number of people simultaneously.

Help Desk Software Applications for Excellent Customer Service

Help desk software specifically exists for an important reason alone: to provide excellent customer service, most especially to those clients who needed dire help in relation to the product or service provided.

In this light, help desk software needed applications and tools that will do exactly that: first, it should effectively assist the help desk executive in the nature of his job to multitask; second, the dashboard should provide all the necessary information needed by the executive to answer the inquiries related to customer service; third, the person assigned should be able to record the transaction that happened in order to properly keep track of the issues experienced by the end users and to be able to monitor the post sales figures and analytics. These help desk software applications are tools necessary for the business owners to maximize the investment made in acquiring the program.

If you are still in the process of figuring whether to buy purchase the help desk software from competing bidders, you might want to look at these features and see if they are present to what they are offering:

• A self service portal

This is an initial phase where your customers will undergo in order to effectively filter those whose inquiries and concerns can be handled generally by providing basic answers and solutions to common problems.

• Knowledge base

A web based knowledge portal is a feature that is related to the self service portal. This groups the common issues and provide solutions based on the amassed knowledge provided by your employed experts.

• Service Level Agreement Management

This will automatically analyze the level of priorities of the customer requests based on the SLA assigned.

• Automatic assignments

This feature automatically assigns each customer request to the specific department or person that is most appropriate to handle the concern.

• Application programming interface integration

With API integration, you can manage the request or inquiries created outside of your interface.

• Notification management

You can confirm the receipt of the requests to your customers, you can receive notifications that your assignments have been received by the particular technical support and you can check the status of each request.

• Report generation

This will help you analyze the data of customer complaints and handling through a comprehensive report generation.

• User survey

This is to identify the customer’s level of satisfaction and to have a specific knowledge of how you can further improve the product or service based on the recommendations of your end users.

There is a lot of help desk software available in the market today. Some can even be downloaded for free and some can be acquired and priced for its featured applications maximally designed to provide you the best program and support.

Youre Options when Trying to Get Out of Debt

The economy has been rather tough over the last several years. Although the economy may finally be beginning to recover, there are still a lot of people that are buried in insurmountable debt. Most people in this situation will try to supplement their income by using their credit cards but this is simply a vicious cycle as you incur more debt with the interest rates. Thus, you find a large number of people filing for bankruptcy, as they do not know how to get out of this situation. If you are finding yourself grasping at straws when it comes to debt, the good news is there are still options available to get out of debt. Here are some of the things that you could consider.

1. Debt consolidation. This is one of the more popular alternatives when it comes to trying to get out of debt. Essentially, it involves totaling up all you owe to the different creditors into one lump sum. This lump sum however is only applicable to unsecured debts such as utility bills, credit cards bills and more. One cannot include their mortgage or car payments into debt consolidation. Once these debts have been totaled, the lender will then give you the full amount to pay off all your debts immediately. You will then be required to pay the lender back every month a certain amount. The great thing about debt consolidation is that it can be stretched out for several years. However, to be eligible for this one has to have a steady income.

2. Debt settlement. This is another popular option for people who are trying to get out of debt. In this option, one gets a negotiator who will liaise with your creditors on how best to reduce the overall balance of the money that you owe. For instance, if you have debts of 12,000 dollars, a good representative may bring it down to 8,000 dollars. However, you need to keep in mind that you will still be paying or the services that you receive from the debt settlement company. In addition to this, not everyone can qualify for receiving these services, as the requirements are quite stringent.

3. Credit counseling. Credit counseling companies work with the same principle as debt settlement companies in that they negotiate with your creditors to ensure you get out of debt. An added advantage though is that they will also counsel you in your finances thus not only giving you a plan on how to achieve financial freedom, but also how to manage your money thereafter.

Using Carpet Cleaning Alexandria VA Professionals to Remove Pet Stains

Most people love their pets and do their best to train them to go outside when they need to urinate.  However, often you will find that the dog or cat will urinate on the carpet leaving behind an unpleasant odor that is quite pungent.  As such, anyone coming into your house will notice the smell.  Often, the urine will also leave a stain that is not difficult to ignore.  The urine generally penetrates deep into the carpet fibers which make it difficult for you to clean at home.  Even though you may be able to hide the smell for short periods of time, only calling in a carpet cleaning Alexandria VA Company will bring a permanent solution.

Animal urine tends to be naturally acidic.  The acid breaks down to amino acids which decompose to produce the strong odor that we smell.  Even though the carpet will continue to look nice since the urine does not wear it out, there will be bacteria and other harmful bugs that will develop and spread conditions such as allergies, eczema and asthma.  This becomes one of the main reasons why you want to call in a carpet cleaning Alexandria VA Company as soon as possible to properly clean out the urine.  The cleaning will kill the bugs in the carpet fibers and remove the odor as well.

Pet urine tends to be quite dark and will definitely be leaving a stain on your carpet.  If you do not remove the stain immediately you may find that you now have a permanent stain and in some cases permanent stains that are quite unsightly.  To decrease the yellowness of the stain you can quickly get a cloth and try to soak up as much of the urine from the carpet as you can.  To do this, gently dab.  Rubbing forcefully will only spread the urine to other areas on the rug and will also damage the carpet fibers.  This is only some form of “first aid” though.  You need to call in a professional carpet cleaning Alexandria VA company to do a deep clean as well.

Even though most people feel that they can clean the carpets themselves, only trained carpet cleaning Alexandria VA professionals will know how to get rid of stubborn stains, kill bugs and mites that may be in your carpet or safely know how to use deodorizers and needed chemicals.  In addition, they will have modern equipment that will have your carpet looking good as new in no time.

Getting the Best Packages for All Inclusive Vacations

Most people would love to go on holiday. However, with the economic downturn most people are on a budget when it comes to the lifestyles they are maintaining. As such, a vacation to an exotic location may seem out of reach by the sheer amount they think it would cost. The good news is you can still take your well-deserved vacation without burning a hole through your wallet. There are numerous types of all inclusive vacations that you can take. You could opt for a holiday at a tropical location; choose to go on a cruise and many more. The main purpose of all inclusive vacations is that everything you need to enjoy your holiday is already catered for. This includes your travel costs, your accommodation, your meals, your drinks, your entertainment and more.

However, taking one of these vacations should not be done by simply selecting the first package you come across. Here are some handy tips to getting the best packages for all inclusive vacations.

1. Conduct some research on last minute deals. When you go online, you will find that there are a myriad of websites that concentrate solely on the provision of these types of vacations. Although a large number of people are interested in these vacations, you will find that come cancellations do occur due to unforeseeable circumstances. Typically, people tend to book these all inclusive vacations months in advance and this leaves room for anything to happen in between that could make them miss their vacation. Some websites may offer last minute deals to make up for the unforeseen cancellations. You will find that these deals tend to be cheaper. However, this should not be considered a foolproof plan. In addition, do not contemplate this option for all inclusive cruises, as these do not accept any booking two weeks prior to their scheduled departure.

2. Schedule your vacation for the off peak season. All inclusive resorts tend to be fully booked during the tourist season. Since they are in high demand at this time, prices also tend to skyrocket. However, the off peak season rolls around and most of these hotels do not even get half the number of guests they are typically used to accommodating. During this time, all inclusive packages tend to have slashed prices so as to attract clients. Take note of the weather though so as to avoid going on holiday and not be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Why You Need Issue Tracking Software for Effective Customer Service?

As long as you are in the business of sales, there will always be issues that arise. You will be bombarded with complaints, assistance requests or products that have been returned. As such, you need to put in place a system that captures these queries and addresses them effectively. Only then will your customers derive satisfaction from choosing you as their desired supplier. As you increase your volumes, the same is reflected in the number of queries you receive. At this point, you need issue tracking software to help you manage the inflow and outflow of information.

Issue tracking software not only helps in keeping track of issues raised by customers, it also gives you an insight on how your products are perceived out there. When customers get a medium through which they can raise concerns, they will not hesitate to get back to you. A good customer will always tell you what he/she wants to see in a product he/she loves. Through the system you have put in place to track such feedback, you can be able to make further improvements before releasing a new batch to the market. You can therefore look at this software as an integral part of gathering market intelligence.

Initially, issue tracking software was meant for the software industry. Here it is also known as bug tracking. Developers rely on this software to help them identify errors that a software program may have before the same goes out for sale. Once software products have been tested, passed and released to the market, customers start reporting on how the product is functioning. Any other errors that arise can then be further corrected. This leads to production of improved versions. After a few releases, no further problems are anticipated in terms of functionality. Focus now shifts to user support and troubleshooting.

Irrespective of which industry you are operating in, you can acquire issue tracking software in two ways; in house or through a commercial provider. Most companies prefer online software that is hosted by another person. It is cheaper to use this approach when developing software of your own. In the latter option, you will need equipment and set up a database that will require regular maintenance. As for the hosted option, there are no maintenance or equipment costs. You are only supposed to pay for a license every year and a monthly charge for the service.

Considerations When Selecting Outdoor Misting Fans

Relaxing outdoors is a popular pastime especially during the hot summer months. However, there are days that many may find the heat to be completely unbearable. Does this mean that you have to quarantine yourself indoors? Absolutely not! Over the years, misting fans have increased in popularity due to the convenience and comfort that they provide especially during those hot days. Typically found in venues that accommodate a large number of people, they are now being manufactured for personal use too. So what are some of the things that you should consider when selecting outdoor misting fans?

1. The first thing to consider would be whether you would like a low fan or would rather something taller. The low misting fans tend to be most appropriate for use in smaller spaces such as on your work desk, by your bedside table and other limited spaces. Tall fans on the other hand are most appropriate when more than two people are trying to cool themselves as these can be placed strategically in a room.

2. Consider the fans capacity to cool a given area. Another thing to consider would be the amount of space that you would like the misting fans to cool. For example if you were looking for a fan that can be used outdoors, you would have to measure the space and use this measurement to find the fan with the most appropriate capacity. If you cannot measure this space correctly on your own, have a professional do it for you so as to ensure you are not buying a fan with the wrong capacity measurements.

3. Consider purchasing portable misting fans. Just because you are buying an outdoor fan does not mean you have to get one that will be stationary. By choosing a portable fan, you get the chance to use it on the patio, in your garden and other places of your choice. One thing to note is that portability does not necessarily mean that the fan will be small with a low capacity of cooling the area. You can get large fans that come with wheels, which makes them easier to move around.

Purchasing missing fans for the outdoors does not have to be a daunting task. You can make the process easier by conducting some research on what is available in the market as well as which types will suit your budget. This will narrow down your options to those that will suit your needs.

Facts about Rasberry Ketone and Weight Loss

Today, many people are seeking to lose weight and this takes them through many initiatives such as gym workouts and using weight loss supplements. However, rasberry ketone offers a simple remedy that does not involve the side effects associated with using many artificial weight loss supplements. Rasberry ketone is an aromatic compound found in red raspberries. The compound is targeted for weight loss because it has a structure similar to that of synephrine and capsaicin, which are shown to have a lipolytic activity or ability to break down fat in rodent fed a high fat diet.

In particular, synephrine which is similar to the compound found in the rasberry ketone, has stimulatory effects that may help in promoting increased metabolic rate, supporting a normal, healthy craving for food and improving energy enhancement. If the rasberry ketone can support all these three benefits, then it means that if you use it, you will be able to eat less food and at the same burn more calories with regular exercise combined with a healthy, low energy diet. Turning to capsaicin, it has been established that the ketone from raspberries can be used as an alternative to this substance found in cayenne and chili peppers. Because some people’s bodies do not respond well to cayenne use, the aromatic taste of the rasberry and the proven benefits of the fruit can offer the much needed health boost.

It has been shown that the rasberry ketone helps to regulate the hormone adiponectin, which tends to be in lower amounts in overweight and obese people than in people with normal weight. It has also been established that increasing the adiponectin level can help to treat insulin-related illnesses such as type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome by increasing the sensitivity of insulin. Further, is believed that the rasberry ketone may help in the regulation of norepinephrine, which causes a slight rise in body temperature that is essential for metabolism.

Scientists have also found out that rasberry ketone increases noradrenaline-induced loss of fat. The ketone functions through the enzyme lipase, whose role is to free fatty acids from the fat cell as the process of fat utilization proceeds. The presence of the ketone from raspberries is believed to increase the level of action of the enzyme lipase. In other words, the ketone catalyses the metabolic action of lipase and thus increases the rate at which fatty acids are released.

UV Air Cleansing from the Best Dehumidifiers

Our homes are important places that offer us comfort and shelter that we need to face the daily hassles. For this reason and many more, it is important to make these comfort zones as suitable as possible through a number of ways. One of them is through acquiring appliances that ventilate it better than the best dehumidifiers. One effective way is through wave air purifiers which incorporate UV in a process of removal of organic as well as compound pollutants from the air surrounding us. This is an effective way of reducing chances of falling sick frequently through breathing contaminated air.

Our homes are important places that offer us comfort and shelter that we need to face the daily hassles. For this reason and many more, it is important to make these comfort zones as suitable as possible through a number of ways. One of them is through acquiring appliances that ventilate it better than the best dehumidifiers. One effective way is through wave air purifiers which incorporate UV in a process of removal of organic as well as compound pollutants from the air surrounding us. This is an effective way of reducing chances of falling sick frequently through breathing contaminated air.

A good percentage of people spend their time at home and since breathing is a necessity in life, the air should be purified. A home air purifier is an essential technology that is valuable to homeowners among other best dehumidifiers. The pollutants present in the air are harmful to your health therefore you deserve a technology that kills them and creates a safe environment to live in. This is an appliance that will need little maintenance and as far as installation is concerned, you will have the professionals do it for you the correct way. Get fresh and clean air through this appliance.

Whether it is your living room, bedroom or any other part of the house, you deserve fresh air for comfort in your own home. This is a good way of preventing sickness and increasing a healthy life when you have more than what the best dehumidifiers can offer. You don’t need to look further than a UV air purifier. The appliance comes in a variety of types for you to choose the most suitable for your home. The viruses, pollen as well as dust particles in the air will be removed professionally and efficiently by UV air purifier.

While UV air purifier is one among the best dehumidifiers, you should not be worried about purchasing it because as much as it is effective it comes at a reasonable price. This appliance comes with a comprehensive manual that will offer you proper guidance that will enable you to enjoy its services accordingly. If you need to set the humidity to a certain level, there are controls on the appliance that offer this services. Contaminants are taken care of at their foundation through the UV wavelengths that this appliance uses in a technologically based cleansing process giving your home a fresher and better feel while you live in it.

Predictive Dialer Goals

The primary objective of a predictive dialer is to maximize productivity of agents by reducing wait time between calls to the minimum possible. To accomplish this aim, predictive dialers need to balance agents’ performance with the quality of the calling list that needs processing.

Traditional Dialer Engines
The functioning of conventional predictive dialer is based on historical performance – they look at recent patterns of call outcomes such as busy, answer, no-answer, etc. and related statistics including talk times and ring times. Such data is used by the dialer to estimates how much “over-dialing” is needed for maximizing agents’ talk time and also for maintaining call abandon targets. But the predictive dialer’s performance can only be as good as the relative relevance of “historical” performance statistics compared to what is currently needed in a dynamic setting.

The volume of inbound calls cannot be predicted easily. But companies need to assign some agents to handle inbound calls. This is a tough choice to make for customer service as there is a conflict between productivity and utilization. Often, as a result, an inordinately large number of calls are placed on hold. Alternatively, too many agents could remain idle. There is a need to address this situation as it could cost the company in terms of low productivity, lost opportunities or dissatisfied customers.

When agents handle both incoming and outgoing calls, it becomes hard to simultaneously satisfy both customer service and efficiency requirements. Agents who handle both outbound and inbound calls are often called “blend” representatives.  Sometimes a company may assign “incoming only” and “outgoing only” blends reps that are expected to work together on a predictive dialer.

When there is an increase in the volume of inbound calls, blend reps are shifted automatically by the predictive dialer to inbound duties as required. Similarly when the volume of inbound calls reduces, these reps are shifted back to attend outbound calls.

While even a casual observer would acknowledge that predictive dialer is a tool of boosting productivity, the ability to look at the technology a little more closely will reveal that it can help improve productivity in both outbound and inbound directions. Businesses that wish to increase profitability while boosting their relations and interactions with customers must take a more serious look at predictive dialers.

Overall, there are many business benefits associated with using a predictive dialer making it necessary for almost any company to incorporate.